Mustafa Korkut1, Sefa Türkoğlu2

1Department of Emergency Medicine, Health Science University, Antalya Training and Research Hospital, Antalya, Turkey
2Department of Radiology, Denizli State Hospital, Denizli, Turkey

Keywords: Chilaiditi syndrome, diaphragmatic hernia, Morgagni hernia


Chilaiditi syndrome, which is the symptomatic interposition of the bowel under the right hemidiaphragm, is a rare condition that can usually be managed without surgery. Morgagni hernia is an unusual disease that accounts for approximately 3% of congenital diaphragmatic hernias. A 66-year-old female presented to the emergency department with abdominal pain, nausea, and constipation. Computed tomography findings were consistent with the diagnosis of Morgagni hernia and Chilaiditi syndrome. In this article, we present this case due to the rare coexistence of these two conditions and the typical radiological findings.

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