Gülce Kurular1, M. Mazhar Çelikoyar2

1Demiroğlu Science University, School of Medicine, Istanbul, Türkiye
2Department of Otolaryngology, Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital, Istanbul, Türkiye

Keywords: Infectious myositis, pterygoid muscles, trismus.


Infectious myositis in masticatory muscles is extremely rare. The most likely reasons are hematologic spread, trauma, or dental treatments. It can result in jaw pain, trismus, and inflammatory responses. Myositis is difficult to diagnose. Most of the time, physical examination, laboratory results, and advanced imaging methods would be required. The treatment focuses on eliminating the potential pathogens or causes of the process. In this case report, we represented a 66-year-old male patient who was admitted to the department of otorhinolaryngology with a 15-day-old sore jaw.

Cite this article as: Kurular G, Çelikoyar MM. Infectious myositis in medial and lateral pterygoid muscles: A case report. D J Med Sci 2022;8(2):71-73.

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Idea/concept, design, data collection and/or processing, Literature review, writing the article, critical review, references and fundings, materials, other: G.K., M.M.Ç.; Control/supervision, analysis and/or interpretation: M.M.Ç.

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