Sevil Alkan1, Hatice Öntürk Akyüz2

1Department of Infectious Disease, Onsekiz Mart University Faculty of Medicine, Çanakkale, Turkey
2Department of Nursing, Bitlis Eren University, School of Health Sciences, Bitlis, Turkey

Keywords: Nursing, phlebitis, publication analysis, SCOPUS.


Objectives: The aim of our study was to analyze and guide future research on phlebitis, which is one of the complications of nursing and local peripheral intravenous catheter.

Materials and methods: In the study, the method of data collection through document analysis was used. The universe of the research in this study consisted of publications published in journals within the scope of the SCOPUS database (, which is the largest summary and citation database of the literature, until March 13, 2021. The publications containing the keywords “phlebitis” and “nursing” in English were examined in the title of the article.

Results: There were 298 publications in total, with 247 of them being articles. São Paulo (n=10) and Griffith University (n=10) had the most publications. It was determined that after 2001, there was a significant increase in the number of publications on this subject. The year with the most publications (n=21) was 2020. In this regard, the United States of America (n=132) was the most productive country. There were publications from 39 different countries. Our country was listed ninth. 271 of the publications were written in English. There were 389 citations for the most cited article, and 40 articles got no citations at all. Our country had only seven publications (2.34%) and 31 authors.

Conclusion: The number of publications on phlebitis in nursing, both internationally and in our country, is quite low. There is a global need for studies on the subject, which is widely used in nursing practice.

Cite this article as: Alkan Çeviker S, Öntürk Akyüz H. SCOPUS analysis of publications on nursing and phlebitis. D J Med Sci 2021;7(3):1-6. D J Med Sci 2023;9(1):1-6. doi: 10.5606/fng.btd.2023.23.

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The ethical dimension of the research: There is no need for ethics committee approval because the field publication search is used in the research. The study was conducted in accordance with the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki.

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