Serpil Oğuz Mızrakçı

Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, Private Lara Anadolu Hospital, Antalya, Turkey

Keywords: Amphotericin B, diabetes mellitus, rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis, sinusitis.


Rhinocerebral mucormycosis is a rare but often fatal invasive fungal infection. It is frequently encountered in immunocompromised hosts such as diabetes mellitus, AIDS, hematological malignancies receiving high-dose chemotherapy, and transplant patients. Rhinocerebral involvement is the most common form. A 62-year-old female patient who was admitted with complaints of redness, swelling, pain, elevated body temperature, closure of the left eye, and high fever was diagnosed with rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis based on physical examination, radiological imaging, histopathological results, and tissue culture. The case of the patient who died despite repeated surgical debridement and antifungal therapy is presented to draw attention to the extremely fatal rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis cases.

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